Speaking at Louisiana College.

Today I gave a day long presentation at Louisiana College about my life on the autism spectrum and the challenges and successes that I have faced due to it. It was particularly meaningful for me to be in Louisiana as my maternal relatives originally hail from there. My goal from this speech was to help those there today see that there is potential in every person who is on the autism spectrum or as well as those with other afflictions. The audience today consisted of teachers, school administrators, as well as faculty and students at Louisiana College. Also in attendance were my family and some people who had children on the autism spectrum.

I spent a lot of time and energy in preparation for this great opportunity at Louisiana College. Today, all of the energy and preparation that I put into this presentation finally paid off. I could tell that the audience was absolutely taken by my talk today. After the presentation, I got a standing ovation and the people in attendance asked me insightful questions that I really had to think about before answering. Parents, teachers, students, college and educational administrators expressed interest in keeping contact with me and requested that I elaborate and communicate with them further on how to achieve Success On The Autism Spectrum

So now that my presentation is over, I need to start thinking about future talks. I really hope that this talk today will lead to more speaking opportunities in the near future. Some of the most respected experts and professionals in the field of Autism have told me that I really have a great and inspiring story to tell people. I hope to continue this path of speaking and giving inspiration to those who are on the Autism Spectrum and have been told that they have no potential. My message to everyone with whom I spoke is to NEVER give up hope.

I want to give my special thanks to everyone at Louisiana College including faculty, staff and all those who were in attendance today. It was a privilege to present before such a great group of people and I hope to eventually return and give a talk there again.