Congratulations Starbucks!

The recent viral video of the dancing Starbucks barista with autism (here is the link) powerfully demonstrates how much can be accomplished when someone with ASD is given an opportunity. Many potential employers without understanding of autism are reluctant to hire ASD people because of their different behaviors.

But Sam the Barista turns his atypical "jerky" repetitive movements into a delightful dance. He explains that the moves help him concentrate. Sam gets his job done and keeps the customers happy. Happy customers come back to Starbucks and the viral video is great PR!

It all started because a caring Starbucks manager, Chris, gave Sam a chance to prove himself.... as a good and capable employee, an interesting person who people want to get to know, and someone who can make a significant and positive contributions to his community.

This is a win for Sam, a win for Chris, a win for Starbucks and a win for the world!