Thinking Before Speaking.

The other day, I read an interesting motivational email about building trust and how that takes honesty. I place high value on both honesty and integrity. My credibility as a speaker depends on it. I like to think of myself as a very honest person. But I do have a habit of sometimes saying the first thing that pops into my mind without thinking first. While I never intentionally to lie to anyone, processing questions and carefully choosing what I am going to say can be a challenge.

When I am on a certain train of thought and someone asks me a completely unrelated question, it is hard for me to switch from what I was thinking about to how I am going to answer the question. Usually, I will realize that I gave a wrong answer and correct myself right away. This impulsive habit of saying the first thing that comes to mind is an issue that I am working on. I need to slow down think (maybe count to three in my head) about the question that was asked to me and then give an appropriate answer rather that saying what randomly comes to mind. Like any other skills I have worked on, this takes practice and repetition. Thinking before speaking and giving honest answers is a very important skill for me and everyone.

Looking back, I recall when a teacher accused me of lying when I answered impulsively and did not choose my words carefully. She was not aware of and did not understand my habit of sometimes saying the first thing that comes to mind and thought I was intentionally being dishonest. I realize that this is a reaction to an untrue answer regardless of my intentions. This email was a great prompt.... so before speaking, THINK.