What Others Say

Dr. Carl B. Feinstein, Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at The Stanford University Medical Center, Emeritus
“(Paul Griffin’s talk at the Stanford University 7th Annual Autism Update) was the highlight of our event and the best talk about how to succeed in College, or anything about becoming a successful person growing up with Autism that I have ever heard.”

Dr. Lynn K. Koegel, Clinical Director of the Koegel Autism Center, University of California Santa Barbara
“Thank you so much for the excellent lecture in my class. Everyone really enjoyed it. You have become a very polished and outstanding speaker, as well as entertaining. Your speeches and willingness to share your experiences will greatly benefit others”

Dr. Robert L. Koegel, Director of the Koegel Autism Center, University of California Santa Barbara
“Paul’s speech was the highlight of our conference. He spoke to an international audience of approximately 500 people, and received a standing ovation at the end of his presentation. Paul is articulate, inspirational, and an outstanding speaker.”

Dr. Grace Gengoux, Clinical Assistant Professor at Stanford University School of Medicine
“Paul did an outstanding job presenting at our 7th Annual Stanford Autism Update Conference. He gave a touching, informative, and quite funny talk about what it took to succeed in college as a student with ASD. His story is filled with practical advice and seemed to inspire the whole audiance! He got a standing ovation from over 300 people and many tears of gratitude and hope.”

Dr. Cecilia Huckestein, Professor of Psychology, California State University Channel Islands
“Although I’ve known Paul since he was a young boy, I never dreamed he would become the concise and engaging speaker he has become today. He effectively demystifies the autistic syndrome and presents his material, which he in fact has lived, in a powerful biographical presentation that mesmerized my classes. His insights and humor, candidness and courage, ignited deep inspirations in all of us. An added poignancy arose in his warm and loving reflections of his family and his parental support.”

Dr. Skye Fraser Stifel, Professor at California Lutheran University
“Paul spoke to my graduate-level course on research methods. He truly brought the bridge between psychological research and practice to life with his sharing of his life experiences. My students rated his guest lecture as one of the best things about my class.”

Dr. Daniel A. Openden, President and CEO of the Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center (SARRC)
“Paul’s speech was excellent! We loved hearing about Paul’s life and the success he has had. He gave hope to our staff who have not yet had the opportunity to see the children they work with grow up and become adults. He provided great insight about the areas we need to be most sensitive to as we provide intervention that leads to the best possible quality of life for the individuals and families we serve. At the end, Paul was impressive in his ability to field questions so well without preparation.”

Kristin Corpuz, Education Specialist, Harding University Partnership School
"It was a pleasure to work with Paul.  He was responsible, prepared, professional, and so kind.  His presentation provided our 5th grade students a very positive learning opportunity about his 'success on the spectrum'.  He posed thought provoking questions to our students and was open and honest to all student questions.  Looking forward to working together again!"

UCSB Graduate Student
“I really, really enjoyed hearing from Paul today. He is a fantastic example of someone who overcame some challenges in his life to realize and reach his full potential. His honesty about the strengths and challenges of being on the Autism spectrum was really interesting. He was friendly, professional, and informative. I am encouraged to see and hear how far he has come! I wish him the best in the future. Go Paul!!”

UCSB Graduate Student
“Paul has a great personality and is able to engage an audience. I think he is a great example both for educators wanting to know how to help students on the spectrum and for students who are on the spectrum.”

Dr. Camacia Smith-Ross, Dean of the School of Education, Louisiana College.
Paul’s presentation to future classroom teachers had a resounding impact!  His triumph left lasting impressions with the practitioners regarding student disability awareness and the need for teachers advocating for students.  Paul sharing his experiences, with strong parental support, gleans hope for students with disabilities nationwide. His message ispowerful!

Comments from training workshop in Fairfield CA, May 2016
"Paul was AWESOME"
"I loved Paul's perspective"
"An amazing speaker"
"Loved hearing Paul speak!"
"Paul was an absolute great addition (to the training). It was a pleasure to hear his story. Extremely reinforcing for me :)"
"It was powerful to hear Paul speak."
"We need to hear more from individuals with ASD"

Patty Dion, SARRC Board Member
I had the great pleasure of meeting Paul Griffin in March of 2016 when he agreed to be the keynote participant in a Q & A at the Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center (SARRC) main fund raiser for it’s on going program, Think Asperger’s.  His remarks highlightingthe importance of Asperger’s early diagnosis and the incredible journey he continues to travel, were thoughtful and thought provoking. SARRC remains extremely grateful as do I, for his valuable contribution in making our event the success it was. We look forward to many additional opportunities for Paul to speak in the future.